Here is the current list of councilors for all merit badges available. To the best of our knowledge, The numbers and addresses are accurate up to 10-08-2008

These are the badges we need your help. If you know someone that can fill these positions ask them
This is a PDF form to sign up to be a merit badge COUNSELOR. Please turn into Mike Whittington at the council office.

NOTE: All Merit Badge Counselors must be registered. If you are a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or a Leader you must also register as a Merit Badge Counselor.

Here is a list of known & approved projects avalible to our youth. If you know of any projects out there e-mail Mike Whittington
for approval and posting.

These ar the new rank requirements that are comming with the new book. All scoutsworking on a rank up untill Jan 1 2010, can continue with the old requirements. Any rank advancement after Jan 1 2010 will use the new requirements. If you have any questions please let me know ( and pleas share this with everyone in your troop